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Journey with us in the new direction of our people & stay on code!


I make the pact to extract white supremacy from the Black community and participate in its cultural uplift and economic development.


I make the pact to help re-establish our Race-esteem and engage in self-love.


I make the pact to prioritize reparations for Slavery & Discrimination in the United States for 

Black American Descendants of Slavery and 

work toward a Black Agenda for all Black people in America.


I make the pact to prioritize voting for candidates and measures that are a benefit to the Black Community and will withhold my vote when there are no positive alternatives on issues of racial justice or economic development for US. We will ALWAYS demand a Black Agenda.


I make the pact to hold ALL elected officials accountable to the Black community at ALL times and will no longer tolerate symbolic politics.


I make the pact to not patronize Black businesses whose owners DO NOT give back to our community financially. 


I make the pact to stay politically educated and will remain politically responsible for my community.


I make the pact to be responsible for the continued betterment of the Black Community and do no harm to the cause of Black progress. 


I make the pact not to participate in divisive antics that will fracture the Black Community that include but not limited to class, sex, gender, sexuality, religion, or colorism. 


I make the Black Pact to stay on code at all times! 

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