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 FEB 14, 2021  |  WASHINGTON, D.C  | 12:00PM

The Reparationist Collective of Black Pact, BLM Minnesota, Concerned Black American Citizens, Equity Advocates PAC, ADOS DMV and Be The Power, Inc.  will march in Washington D.C.  to ensure that Joe Biden “has our back” in his first 100 days.

At the signing of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, despite having invested more than 100% of our fair share of “sweat equity” for over 250 years into the United States, Black Americans owned just 1% of the Nation's wealth. Now, following a multitude of Democratic majorities since and the victory announcement of Joe Biden on November 7th, that number remains unchanged.

The average White household has a net worth of $171,000 while the average Black household has a mere net worth of only $17,000. This disparity, rooted in the United States’ original sin of Chattel Slavery, has yielded a massive racial wealth gap.

Fueled by past apologies and commitments (H.R. 194, July 29, 2008), and hope for change, Black voters turned out at a rate of 90% for the Democrats and are rightly credited with handing the election to Biden on his third attempt to secure the Presidency. During his November 7th victory speech, Joe Biden looked into the eyes of Black Americans and made this specific promise: "African Americans have always had my back and I’ll have yours.

On Feb 14th, 2021, The Reparationist Collective will march in Washington, D.C. to ensure Biden keeps that promise:

We demand Reparations from the United States to the Descendants of American Chattel Slavery in the form of multi-generational direct cash payments, including but not limited to: tax exempt status, the elimination of the Black-White wealth gap and the elimination of healthcare, education, employment, business and home ownership disparities.

We further demand an Economic Empowerment Executive Order, akin to those currently in place for the Latinx and AAPI, in the FIRST 100 DAYS tasked to empower Descendants Of American Chattel Slavery to improve the quality of our lives, raise the standard of living of our families and Communities and enable us to more fully participate in being American by eliminating the egregious racial wealth gap.

Join us to be a part of these historic direct actions on January 20th and 21st, to make sure Joe Biden delivers on his commitment to have our backs via Executive Order in his FIRST 100 DAYS! "We delivered, now it’s time to collect! "

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