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The BLACK L.A. Equity Voting Bloc is a non-partisan coalition of Black American community members and organizations dedicated to Black specific issues in L.A. county who have united for the specific purpose of organizing towards electoral power and legislative actions that operate effectively in the interests of the county's Black citizens. We vote for issues specific to OUR community and NOT racial or party lines.

Black LA is facing extinction.


Black Americans represent only 6% of L.A. County's population but over 50% of the homeless. Gentrification and the pandemic have hit historically Black L.A. communities the hardest resulting in astronomical losses in home ownership, housing affordability, employment and employment opportunities, business ownership and political power.


The Black L.A. Equity Voting Bloc is dedicated to the preservation of our presence and we organize towards holding elected and appointed officials accountable to serve our interests, educating and inspiring our communities to higher levels of political engagement and the election of champions for the policies that will pull Black L.A. from the brink of socioeconomic, political and cultural non-existence and secure the political and economic futures of our children in L.A. County. Join us as we mobilize the masses of Black Angeles to hold elected officials accountable and organize to have our needs met. 

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