Vote only for Presidential candidates who support reparations and a real Black agenda!

Black Americans, despite making up just 13% of the U.S. population, account for a staggeringly disproportionate amount of the nation's arrests, incarcerations, police killings, homelessness and continue to be affected disproportionately by global climate change, the recession and Covid-19.


The only remedy to these horrific conditions are the implementation of a comprehensive reparations program that includes a cash stipend. If Black Lives Matter to you, so should the quality of Black life.

The United States government has continued to ignore our people and neither Donald Trump nor Joe Biden has committed to any significant change that specifically addresses our needs and concerns. We will not support a Republican OR Democrat Presidential candidate who is committing to business as usual once in office. 

This November, we are advocating for both Black Americans and Allies to commit to withholding your vote for President until they commit to supporting reparations and a REAL Black Agenda. Vote Democrat down ballot and use our collective voices to let it be known that the Black vote must be EARNED.



Thank you for your support!